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Can Oily Skin Result From Dehydration?

Can Oily Skin Result From Dehydration?

Do you know what is your skin type? For the longest time, I thought I had oily skin until I went to see a dermatologist and was told that my skin was dehydrated.

Many people, including myself, consider themselves oily or acne-prone skin because of increased sebum production. However, have you ever wondered why our skin gets oily?

How does skin become dehydrated?

There is a misunderstanding that dehydrated skin means dry skin, and oily skin is hydrated. However, oily or acne-prone skin is more likely to be dehydrated.

When the skin needs hydration, it tries to compensate for the lack of moisture by overproducing sebum, becoming oily.

Dehydrated skin can result from not drinking enough water, environmental factors, changes in the weather, using drying skincare products, or excessive exfoliation. 

If your skin is experiencing dullness, uneven texture, tightness, oiliness, visible clogged pores, more breakouts, and increased sensitivity, it is likely to be dehydrated. 

How to treat dehydrated skin?

Firstly, double cleansing is a must. It’s an effective way to balance sebum production, remove impurities, and unclog the pores. Choose a gentle cleanser that matches your skin type. 

Secondly, gently exfoliate your skin at least once a week. Excessive exfoliation can cause irritation. However, using a gentle exfoliator such as a face scrub, mud mask, or Salicylic Acid toner can remove impurities without harming the skin. 

Thirdly, it is highly recommended to apply a serum or a moisturiser combined with hyaluronic acid or ceramides, as these help maintain skin hydration and promote skin elasticity.

Lastly, what’s the most important is to drink enough water. Skincare products are only useful to support our skin from the outside, however, it’s crucial to hydrate yourself from the inside in order to tackle skin dehydration. Make sure to have a balanced diet rich in proteins and antioxidants. And last but not least, keep drinking water throughout the day.

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