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Meet Louise

Having roots in the Middle East, I had the chance to frequently visit the Dead Sea region and experience the restorative and therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea minerals. Floating in the Dead Sea is truly a unique experience which relaxes all your tensions and melts your stress away.

I have also been using skincare, body care and hair care products formulated with Dead Sea minerals for over a decade. I could not find any products in Europe that would clear and soothe my skin, nourish, and protect my body and hair the way Dead Sea minerals do. 

Being a Finance Analyst living in London, juggling between long work hours, social and family commitment, I knew I was living an unsustainable lifestyle, which ultimately took a toll on my relationships and wellbeing. I felt pressured to look and feel my best, without having the appropriate tools or finding the time to do so

As the pandemic forced many of us to finally take a step back from our lifestyles, I slowly started taking time for myself to reflect on my achievements and how to give a meaning to my life. This is when I discovered the benefits of self-care and committed to regularly taking some time for myself to recharge and reconnect. I was able to find a balance between my work and personal life, while reducing my stress and anxiety, feeling happier day after day. 

With Dead Sea Dream, I am now on a mission to share the love I have for Dead Sea minerals with the rest of the world in a simple and effective skincare routine. 


We’re Dead Sea Dream

We make natural skincare products, designed for your daily body rituals and powered by minerals from the Dead Sea.

Made with only the best ingredients, our spa-quality products are the perfect way to relax, unwind, and renew.

Launched in 2022, we’ve quickly received love from the likes of Vogue, Vanity Fair, House & Garden and more.

We're on a mission to make spa-quality treatments affordable and accessible from the comfort of your home.

When the world seems driven by stress and global turmoil, the importance of creating a safe, serene space at home is magnified. Captivating a sense of calm and tranquillity has become an opportunity for ultimate relaxation and time becomes the pinnacle of luxury.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth (-430m below sea level) and is more concentrated in salt than any other sea in the world, making it deeply enriched with an array of rejuvenating minerals.

Treasured and trusted for thousands of years Dead Sea minerals are known for their restorative properties on the skin.

Dead Sea minerals hold the secret to skin balance and stress relief to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function, support healthy circulation, minimise toxin build-up, boost hydration and smooth the skin. 

Our Mission


Dead Sea Dream is committed to be and remain gender-neutral and unisex. We value each and every customer, regardless of its gender, age, or ethnic background.

Conscious formulations & Recyclable packaging

We pledge to work with companies who share our vision for a responsible approach to beauty and wellbeing, who feel committed to minimise waste.

Giving back to our community

A percentage of our revenue will be donated to The Dead Sea Revival Project committed to raising awareness and preserving the Dead Sea environment.

Cruelty Free & Vegan

We are committed to minimising our impacton the environment and operating a consideredand cruelty free supply chain.