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Your Hairbrush Might Be The Hidden Reason Your Hair Is Damaged

Your Hairbrush Might Be The Hidden Reason Your Hair Is Damaged

Brushing your hair is a part of your daily routine. However, the ugly truth is that a hairbrush is an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. As the day goes on without washing your hairbrush, not only bacteria but also dandruff and yeast can buildup in your brush. 

Although the bacteria isn't dangerous to our health, it is integral to our hair health and scalp condition. The hairbrush can contain up to 3,500 bacteria colonies per square inch.

certified trichologist and hair-science expert Bridgette Hill, explains in the article, “A viral TikTok showed the 'disgusting' results of a dirty hairbrush, which can be a 'breeding ground' for bacteria and buildup, according to experts”- Insider.

"Contemplate on how frequently you 'cleanse' the hair and reintroduce the same dirty hairbrush to your scalp and hair fiber,"

"It is as if you are recontaminating the environment that was just cleansed." 

"Uncleansed and unsanitized brushes spread bacteria, recontaminate the scalp and hair with old product buildup, spread yeast and bacteria to the base of the hair fiber, leading to congestion and inflammation, which exacerbates any unwanted scalp symptoms and conditions."

It is suggested to deep clean your hairbrush once a week. By doing so, it can reduce bacteria, improve hair health, less hair breakage, and make the hairbrush last longer. 

How to deep clean the hairbrush?

1. Prepare the soap

You don’t need to buy a special soap. It can be shampoo or dish soap. Mix a few drops into warm water.

2. Remove the hair

Remove as much hair as you can from your hairbrush. 

3. Soak the brush 

Soak the brush into step 1, and leave it for up to 20 minutes.

4. Scrub the brush

Use an old toothbrush to scrub the bristles and base of the hairbrush gently.

5. Rinse and dry

Make sure to rinse and remove all the dirt. Lay the hairbrush bristles on a clean towel and ensure it is completely air-dried before using it. 

How often should you change the hairbrush?

Just like the dentist recommends renewing your toothbrush every few months, it applies the same to your hairbrush. To find out, look at the bristles on the hairbrush. If it has shed a lot and become thin, it’s time to change. Especially if the dirt is stuck and can’t be removed by using a deep cleaning method, you shouldn’t use this hairbrush anymore as it will cause extra damage to the hair and scalp. It’s recommended to change a hairbrush every 6 to 12 months.

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