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Rosemary Oil Is Trending, but How Good Is It for Our Hair Health?

Rosemary Oil Is Trending, but How Good Is It for Our Hair Health?

Hair loss, breakage, scalp itchiness… treating your hair to healthier and glowy hair can send us on a costly long journey. Rosemary oil might be the hero to save you from all your hair concerns.

Lately, beauty content related to haircare products is trending in social media along with the hashtags #hairgrowth #hairoiling. Rosemary oil has been viral as a super ingredient for natural hair growth.

Rosemary oil is known for its health benefits such as supporting brain function, hair growth and relieving stress and pain. As a result, they are often used in skincare, haircare, and perfumes.

Can rosemary oil benefit hair growth?

A study operated in 2015 compared the effect of rosemary oil and minoxidil ( a topical medication) for treating hair loss. After six months of the experiment, they found a similar increase in hair counts from both groups.

Marnie Nussbaum, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist, explains in How to Use Rosemary Oil to Strengthen and Grow Hair, ELLE.

“The rosemary plant contains carnosic acid, which is known to heal nerve damage, tissue damage, and improve cellular turnover,”

“Therefore, it encourages nerve growth and improves blood circulation. The reason blood circulation is so important to hair growth is that without a proper blood supply, the follicles do not get the nutrients they need to grow the hair, and they can die off.”

Rosemary oil is effective not only for hair loss but also for overall scalp health. It can reduce scalp irritation and can prevent dandruff. This is because they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps soothe the distressed scalp and fight against free radicals.

How do we add rosemary oil to the routine?

1. Hair oiling before washing the hair.

Mix rosemary oil with carrier oils, such as coconut and jojoba oil and apply it to the scalp. Give a good massage for about 5 minutes and leave it at least 30 minutes. This will give the moisture boost and make the hair texture smoother.

2. Blend with shampoo or conditioner, and other haircare products.

Add a few drops of rosemary oil to the shampoo or conditioner. In this way, you can get the benefits while washing your hair. After showering, you can also blend it into a leave-in conditioner or hair oil.

3. Use rosemary oil products.

Choose products that are already combined with rosemary oil.

Note: Don’t apply rosemary oil directly to your skin or scalp, as it can irritate the skin.

Why does rosemary oil have to be blended with a carrier oil?

Rosemary oil is an essential oil, a natural, aromatic compound derived from plants. They are packed with high nutrients, and the texture is light and easily absorbed into the skin. However, because essential oils are highly concentrated and very effective, they would be intense and may irritate when you apply them to the skin directly.

That’s when you use carrier oils to blend essential oils. Carrier oils are usually vegetable oils such as coconut oil or avocado oil. They are called carrier oils because they dilute essential oils and “carry” them to the skin.

How fast can we expect to see the results?

Although it depends on the hair type and length, I started noticing the result after three weeks of using rosemary oil.

I have medium-length permed hair with a combination of a dry and oily scalp. I’ve been getting permed hair for years, this has weakened my hair and caused breakages. I didn’t experience a lot of scalp irritation, but sometimes I would have itchiness and oiliness and have noticed some scalp acne.

How do I add rosemary oil to my haircare routine? I usually wash my hair three times a week and add rosemary oil to my haircare routine. My hair-wash routine looks like this;

Hair oiling - Blend a few drops of rosemary oil with rosehip oil, and apply them to the hair and scalp. Give the scalp a good massage and leave it for at least 30 minutes.

  1. Shampoo - Add a few drops of rosemary oil to the shampoo, and wash your scalp gently with a scalp massager.
  2. Apply a Glowing Hair Mask from the Dead Sea Dream instead of a conditioner.
  3. Rinse off well.
  4. Towel dry.
  5. Apply the mixed oil from step 1, into the hair to lock in moisture.
  6. After several weeks of applying rosemary oil to my routine, I noticed how my hair texture softened, and my scalp became refreshing. Additionally, I haven’t experienced an oily scalp or scalp acne.

However, as I already have medium-length hair, it was hard to witness any hair growth. Experts say it will take over six months to see full results.

Are you looking for a hair growth product, and do you have rosemary oil at home? Try the methods above to see how your hair glow.

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