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Unwrap the Meaning Behind the Location of Your Acne

Unwrap the Meaning Behind the Location of Your Acne

In most of my experience with acne, it would often appear on my T-zone and chin. But occasionally, I find acne on my jawline, temple and hairline. And these can be tricky to get rid of, as their cause is due to my stress levels, hormonal imbalance and inner health. And often, these breakouts are symmetrical. 

What acne location can tell us about?

Where you get acne can tell you what’s happening in your body. For example, breakouts on your forehead and temple are caused mainly by stress, fatigue, low sleep quality, and oil transferring from your hair. Then what about acne in the hairline, jawline, chin and cheeks?

Jawline & Chin: The leading cause of acne in the jawline, chin and T-zone is hormones. Androgens or male-sex hormones such as testosterone enhance sebaceous glands to produce sebum(oil), which clogs the pores, creating acne. 

The second leading cause of acne in the jawline is poor cleansing. The jawline and near the ears are often neglected when it comes to cleansing properly. Skincare products, makeup, and hair care products can easily build up in those areas.

Cheeks: When your sugar consumption exceeds usual, you will get acne on your cheeks. Additionally, how clean your bedding set is can contribute to acne. Make sure to wash your bedding set regularly and reduce your sugar intake. 

Nose: The nose is linked to our gut health and digestive system. Eating food without enough nutrients makes us likely to have blackheads on our noses. Poor gut health means poor body detoxification, which triggers inflammatory acne around the nose. 

Hairline: The acne surrounding the hairline is called pomade acne. Hair care products cause it. The best way to treat this acne is to choose non-comedogenic hair care products. Swapping your shampoo for a clarifying shampoo is also recommended. 

What is symmetrical acne?

Symmetrical acne occurs when you get acne on one side of your face but likely the same on the other. It can appear on a symmetrical spot due to lifestyle habits, such as touching certain areas of your face, gut health, diet, and poor skincare routine. 

One of the leading causes of symmetrical acne is hormonal imbalance. When your hormonal balance is unstable, it can increase sebum(oil) production and clog the pores, resulting in symmetrical acne. 

Treating symmetrical acne is the same as treating non-symmetrical acne. The main steps to treating it are unclogging the pores by gently exfoliating the skin twice a week using products with glycolic acid, AHA/BHA, or a mud mask and deeply hydrating it. 

Getting professional treatment like LED light therapy is also beneficial. 

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