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Purifying Mineral Mud Mask

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Relax with a spa-quality treatment at home:

  • Clears the pores of the skin from impurities and congestion 
  • Helps remove breakouts and treats symptoms of acne
  • Comforting creamy texture that doesn’t dry out the skin 
  • Calms inflammation and redness
  • 20ml pack contains four 5ml single-treatment sachets

Suitable for Vegans

All genders. Suitable for dry, sensitive, mature, oily and acne-prone skin

Fragrance free

Recyclable Packaging

Cruelty Free

Natural Ingredients

How to use our Purifying Mineral Mud Mask

Step 1

Gently clean your face, ensuring that your skin is clean and dry.

Step 2

Apply the Purifying Mineral Mud Mask to your face, covering all areas evenly. Be careful to avoid your eyes.

Step 3

Relax for 15 minutes as the mask dries and works its magic.

Step 4

Wash away the mask using warm water, before patting dry your skin with a clean towel.

Our key Ingredients

Spa-quality treatment, powered by minerals from the Dead Sea

Dead Sea Mud

Reduces skin impurities by clarifying and purifying pores to help decongest, cleanse and control breakouts.

Aloe Vera

Helps lock in hydration, strengthen the skin’s protective barrier function, support collagen synthesis and reduce redness.

Zinc Oxide

A natural, inorganic mineral used as a physical sunscreen, providing broad- spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Also known for its soothing and astringent properties, making it suitable for sensitive or acne-prone skin.


The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea sits at the lowest point on earth and is more concentrated in salt than any other sea in the world, making it deeply enriched with an array of rejuvenating minerals