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How to – A Guide to Have A Mindful Lifestyle

How to – A Guide to Have A Mindful Lifestyle

As much as we all would love to create our own mindful lifestyle, with our busy daily schedules, we tend to put it off. 

We hear these phrases such as wellness mindfulness and self-care meaninglessly used throughout social media with no real substance. Self-care has grown to give a false impression of a luxury experience. Where in fact, “self-care” is a start to creating a mindful lifestyle. 

Our lifestyle has dramatically changed over the past few years. In this time we realised the importance of work-life balance and mindfulness. At the same time, our social media consumption has grown.

Even though it is fun to scroll through social media we unintentionally compare our lives to others. We feel like we are missing something, seeing the perfect life captured by influencers, how they are spending their time in a luxurious place or using products that seem over your budget for their “self-care”. However, these moments are only edited and highlighted pieces from influencers’ life.

“Self-care” is about simply putting yourself first. Think of self-care as an investment in your personal growth, happiness, and mental health. Let’s normalise taking extra time for ourselves. Invest in your time to have a moment to reconnect with yourself. It can be cooking, reading, journaling, taking a slow relaxing bath, going for a walk, it can be anything you want to do. 

When you are feeling happy and healthy it naturally puts you in a more positive mood, which then leads to higher productivity.

“Self-care” is a way to bring yourself back into balance. 

Let us give you the perfect bath routine as a start to your mindful lifestyle.

Grab our Floatation Bath Salt Crystals for your warm bath, and dissolve a generous amount of it. Rich in Dead Sea salt, this not only promotes your sleep quality and skin health but also boosts immunity, eases muscle fatigue and restores energy.

After the relaxing bath time, use our Refining Body Scrub to soothe your skin texture. Gently rub the scrub, particularly on dry areas as it will give your skin an extra smooth texture as if it’s covered by a veil. 

Lastly, don’t forget to moisturise your body. Our Defining Body Cream shields, and locks in moisture, maintaining the hydration levels of your skin. 

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