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The Key to Fully Relaxing Bath Time – for Your Stress to Melt Away

The Key to Fully Relaxing Bath Time – for Your Stress to Melt Away

Feeling overwhelmed being back into your routine? Take a nice long warm bath. 

Baths are great for relaxing but can also have many health benefits. Taking a bath allows your body to detoxify and can help reduce your anxiety and stress levels. The heat and water relax your body, allowing your muscles to release tension, and reduce stress on the joints. A warm bath can also help you sleep better and balance your mood, and it’s the perfect environment to dedicate some time for yourself and unwind. To upgrade your bath time to have the most benefits, adding bath salt is the key. At Dead Sea Dream, we are proud to introduce our product: Floatation Bath Salt Crystals, to transform your bathroom into a spa experience.

Some benefits of Dead Sea Salts are: 

  • It is known to de-stress, purify, soothe, and hydrate the skin. They promote collagen synthesis and have antioxidant properties. 

  • It has Anti-ageing minerals that protect, moisturise and softens skin. They possess incredible properties that help to fortify skin, relieve muscle pain, and improve your general skin health. 

  • It is great for anyone that wants to relax their muscles, soothe dry skin, and take a rejuvenating bath 

Steps to prepare your perfect bath: 

  • Fill your bath up. Find that perfect warm temperature that suits you.  

  • Add your Dead Sea Dream Floatation Bath Salt Crystals. 

  • Dim the lights or turn them off together, and create that relaxing ambience to help you relax.  

  • Light some candles. Choose a few candles to light around the bathroom, this helps create the perfect vibe for your bath.  

  • Choose the sound. Put on some relaxing music or maybe a nice podcast that you like to listen to 

  • Grab a drink. Get a glass of water, prepare a relaxing tea, or have a glass of your favourite wine if you’re in the mood for it! 

  • Leave your phone outside. Use this time to disconnect from technology and don’t bring your phone to the bathroom. Read a book or your favourite magazine.  

  • Enjoy some ‘me time’! 

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