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Is Body Oiling Necessary For Body Care?

Is Body Oiling Necessary For Body Care?

Autumn transforms our mood from bright and active to toned-down and cosy. It is also when our skin struggles to adjust to dry air. 

After the long sunny season, your skin has turned to a beautiful bronzed colour, but have you done enough aftercare? As tanning causes skin dryness and increases its sensitivity, having a seasonal air change is like a double punch to the skin. Taking great care of your skin during this season is necessary to maintain healthier skin and prepare for the cold season. 

There is facial oil and hair oil, and we now have body oil. But how does body oil benefit our body, and how is it different from applying a body cream?

Body oiling benefits

Practising body oiling means taking care of your skin and body. Massaging the oil over your body gives relaxes you and releases the tension from every muscle in your body.

The benefits of body oiling are… 

  • Deeply moisturise the skin
  • Reduce the signs of ageing
  • Smooth the skin texture
  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks
  • Relax the muscles
  • Stimulates lymphatic circulation
  • Regulates sebum production
  • Improves skin barrier function

Is body oil better than body cream?

Although they both help lock in moisture, several factors differ.

Body oil is often recommended by dermatologists, and it has a great benefit on acne-prone skin. It is also said to choose botanical oils for more aromatherapeutic properties.

On the other hand, body cream has a variety of forms to treat different skin issues, and it absorbs quickly into the skin. The recommended ingredients are hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

At the end of the day, there is no good or bad. You can use both body cream and body oil to have extra benefits. Follow the steps similar to facial skin care. Apply body cream first to target your specific skin concerns and then massage your body with body oil to seal in hydration.

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