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Are You Always Feeling Fatigued? It's A Sign To Improve Your Sleep Quality.

Are You Always Feeling Fatigued? It's A Sign To Improve Your Sleep Quality.

A toxic thought is in the air. The idea of “if you are not feeling tired, you are not doing enough” is taking over our lifestyle mindset. Pursuing your career, hustling your work, dealing with financial struggles, the need of socialising, trying to be productive… These facts unsustainably and consistently overwhelm and exhaust us.

Additionally, how we consume the internet is also a reason for our tiredness. We are filled with information from the internet since the moment we get up in the morning. Eating breakfast while scrolling Instagram, checking web news when you are in the queue for a takeout coffee, and even when you are spending time with your friends and family, you are constantly in conversation with others via group chat or occupying your thoughts with what you are going to post on Instagram.

This endless emotional wave we receive constantly from our daily lives gives us no time to rest.

In 2022, the word “Hyper-Fatigue” was coined by Mintel. It means a state of constant exhaustion caused by a combination of the pandemic, environmental crisis, the rising cost of living, scrolling social media endlessly, and political stress. 

What is the cause, and how do we deal with it?

Fatigue is directly connected with our lifestyle. From how we consume the internet/social media to how we intake nutrition, move our bodies, and sleep quality.

Lack of nutrition and sleep triggers fatigue, crucial in producing energy.

Although there are many ways to support your diet and nutritional level with supplements or superfoods, maintaining good sleep quality seems more challenging.

To elevate your sleep quality, create a healthier relationship with your screens. Stabilise your sleep schedule by going to bed at the same time every night, avoiding looking at screens and checking social media 30-60 minutes before bed.  

The body has an internal 24-hour circle clock called circadian rhythms, which helps to carry out the body’s essential functions and processes. Exposure to the blue light from screens affects part of your brain and elevates your body temperature and heart rate, improving your performance during the daytime. However, it decreases the production of a sleep hormone called melatonin, making your brain think it’s still daytime, disturbing the circadian rhythm, and ending up with a lack of sleep. 

Another way to improve sleep quality is by practising meditation. Meditation is known to promote your relaxation response and control of the autonomic nervous system.

Benefits of meditation include increasing melatonin and serotonin levels, reducing heart rate, and decreasing blood pressure. You don’t need a unique tool to practice meditation. It can be done anywhere, anytime. However, creating a proper meditation routine takes time to practice. 

The basic steps are;

  1. Find a quiet space.
  2. Sit/lie down with your comfortable posture.
  3. Close your eyes and breathe slowly. Concentrate on your breathing.
  4. You must let go of your thoughts and learn to quiet your mind.

What type of meditation should you practice?

  • Mindfulness Meditation

This practice improves the unconsciousness of your mind. Try focusing on your senses and feeling in the moment without interpretation or judgment. The critical point is to notice your thoughts and emotions, observe them, and let them pass without judging yourself. 

  • Body scan meditation

In this practice, you must focus on each body part. The purpose of this is to improve your consciousness of your physical sensations. An important part is to be aware of the weight of your body. Slowly move your focus from your facial muscles to your neck, shoulders, and stomach, and continue until you notice how each part of your body feels.  

Experiencing mindfulness and reconnecting your mind and body are the ways to relax fully. Start practising meditation today to refill your energy.

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