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Skinimalism Is A Key for Your Skin to Glow

Skinimalism Is A Key for Your Skin to Glow

You may have heard about how minimalism and sustainability co-exist. This is due to living a minimalist lifestyle will guide you to reflect on your consumption habit. Meaning, you must purchase only things that provide actual value to you for a long time. Skinimalism is about applying a minimalistic approach to the skincare routine. 

Meanwhile, there is an unspoken impression around skincare that more is better. The more you apply an active face serum, the more your skin becomes glowy. 

However, excessive skincare routines can backfire on all the benefits of each product. This may become the cause of the redness, irritation, acne, or unbalanced skin barrier health. Understanding and remembering every ingredient’s benefits is not an easy task, and that leads to consumers being overwhelmed and overdoing it. As a result, those irritations and redness occurred by combining too many products or incorrectly layering the active ingredients. 

Let us introduce you to “Skinimalism”.

According to Dr Shah in the article, “Skinimalism’ Is the Simple Approach to Skin Care That Will Give You a Healthy, Glowing Complexion”, SHAPE

Skinimalism is about, 

“focusing on the products that can benefit your skin and not necessarily hiding every imperfection,” 

It is all about embracing your natural skin, less makeup and fewer skincare products to allow a natural skin glow. As well as to recognise how unrealistic our beauty standards have become. 

For many years, we have consumed so many products, believing in double cleansing and multiple steps of skincare routine, and felt hopeless and frustrated with the results. 

Quarantine living was the time we reconsidered our well-being, and that was key to setting us up for skinimalism. 

How to transition and minimise your routine?

According to Dr Colette Haydon, formulator and founder of Lixirskin, in “Skinimalism: The Stripped-Back Beauty Trend Lazy Girls Will Love”, British VOGUE,

“A good formula does it all,”

“There is no such thing as a product which is good for one part of your skin and not the other – all skin shares the same everyday needs.”

Find the one good product that worked best for you, and stick with it. By doing so, you don’t need to spend more money and more time experimenting for creating two different skincare routines. 

At the same time, it’s also important to know your skin type, your relationship with food, and your general lifestyle. Deeply analysing these facts will guide you to the results of knowing your skin better. 

What is a must-have product in your minimalistic approach?

  1. A cleanser, to get rid of dirt and sweat.
  2. Retinol products, to increase collagen production, even out skin tone, reduce acne and minimise wrinkles.
  3. Vitamin C serum, to boost collagen production.
  4. A moisturiser, to lock in the moisture. Preferably use a product with hyaluronic acid. 
  5. A Sunscreen. Non-negotiable necessity. 

Note: Vitamin C and Retinol together may cause irritation to your skin. It is recommended to use Vitamin C in the morning and Retinol at night. 

Skinimalism can increase your skin quality, help you save money and make you more comfortable with your skincare routine.

By minimising your steps more efficiently, not only your skin receives all the benefits but also you will understand yourself better. Skinimalism is key to glowing your skin and reconnecting with yourself. 

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