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7 Essential Tips to Get Glowing Skin in The Cold Season

7 Essential Tips to Get Glowing Skin in The Cold Season

As the temperature begins to drop, you may start to notice changes in your skin. This is because the cold, dry air combined with the sun starts to dry out and irritate your skin. To avoid that crisp-and-crack feeling, follow these simple tips to prep your skin for winter.


1. Exfoliating your face regularly. About 1-3 times per week, helps keep your skin clear, while also aiding in the penetration of your skincare products. This helps boost the benefits of your serum and moisturizer.


2. Use a thicker moisturiser. A good moisturizer is the backbone of a good skincare routine. In the winter, swapping your usual moisturizer for one that’s slightly thicker and richer is an easy way to amp up hydration during the colder months.


3. Take care of your lips. Try to avoid chapped lips this winter by investing in a good lip balm. Use it after you brush your teeth in the morning and at night before bed, so your lips can stay healthy.


4. Keep using SPF. Even if it’s cold outside, UV rays are still present and can damage our skin, it’s important to keep using a good SPF every day.


5. Cool down your skin. Less time in the warm water and more hydrating it with a humidifier. It will help keep the moisture in.


6. Pay attention to your skin. Avoid adding too many new products to your regimen at once, to avoid irritating it.


7. Schedule a treatment. Winter is an ideal time to schedule chemical exfoliation treatments since you have less sun exposure during the day. This ensures your skin will be looking fresh for months to come! Your aesthetician can also guide you with switching up your skincare routine for winter.

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